hameco HS-9000M-D

This monaural headset was developed for use in an office or call center environment. While developing this headset, we had those who are constantly in motion in mind. With its help, you can talk on the move even while you are searching for a document or photocopying. It is suitable for telephones and PC or laptop (by using optional USB adapter, e.g. hameco HS-GQD-USB-1). The product’s features include crystal clear audio, a noise-cancelling microphone and hearing protection. Using an optional cable, an EHS connection is possible (depending on the type of phone). The headset is comfortable and has an adjustable microphone boom arm and headband. It is made from durable material. A maximum of four headsets can be connected to the base unit, through which a conference call can be initiated. The state of the headset can be monitored by checking the LED lights. When connected to a landline phone, the microphone and speaker’s audio can be adjusted to the optimal level.

This model is not sold in the DACH and NA regions.

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Ear cushions and microphone boom tips are parts which may require regular replacement. We also offer some other useful parts for our devices as well.


You don't need to worry about connecting the headset to your device. Hameco offers a wide selection of cables for corded and cordless headsets as well as switchboxes, and adapters. The compatibility guide will help you find the required accessories.

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