hameco HS-8550M-BT

hameco HS-8500M-BT

The HS-8550M-BT brings new meaning to cordless communication. This cordless monaural headset which was developed for for office, home and call center environments not only provides increased freedom during communication, it also provides a true audio experience during calls or while listening to music. Its built-in bluetooth adapter makes it compatible with landline phones, mobile phones, laptops and softphone applications. The product’s features include crystal clear audio, a noise-cancelling microphone and hearing protection. The headset is comfortable and has an adjustable microphone boom arm and headband. It is made from durable material. The state of the headset can be monitored by checking the LED lights, which indicate bluetooth connectivity, and whether the headset is turned on/off. The audio menu signals if the battery is low. Actions which can be completed using the multifunctional buttons: receiving and ending calls, muting the microphone, and volume control. 

Enhanced range, headset direct charge via USB cable, ideal for drivers.

This model is not sold in the DACH region.

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