hameco HS-2050D-GQD

Are you tired of monotony? Are you looking for something different? Would you like something unique? Then our HS-2050D-GQD is the model of you! This binaural headset is more than just your average call center headset. Crystal clear audio, and an exceptional microphone, noise-cancellation and hearing protection? Of course, these are all basic functions within this category, but the HS-205D-GQD is much more. The ear cushion is is larger than average, providing increased comfort. The leatherette cushions are soft, comfortable, and easy to replace. The microphone boom arm and headband are adjustable. The outer portion of the headband is black and the earpiece has been fitted with an elegant metal insert. The QD jack found on the headset’s cord can be connected to any landline or mobile phone, PC or laptop using the extension cable. The HS-2050D-GQD is a lightweight and comfortable headset which can be used continuously for up to 8 hours.

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You don't need to worry about connecting the headset to your device. Hameco offers a wide selection of cables for corded and cordless headsets as well as switchboxes, and adapters. The compatibility guide will help you find the required accessories.

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