hameco HA-80-PRO


Omnidirectional microphone + digital active speaker

The HA-80-PRO is a network conference hardware system based on USB connection. Digital active speakers play conference audio in real time. The configuration of 4 wireless pickup microphones provides a more comprehensive pickup range; at the same time, it also supports external microphones for local sound reinforcement, so that meeting layout is simpler, faster and more efficient.

The piano paint process, the speaker is as bright as a mirror, as long as the new matte black painted panel and 12+15mm MDF board are used to effectively reduce resonance and provide a comfortable listening experience. The black piano paint process is as bright as a mirror, delicate and smooth, high temperature resistant, and hard as steel. The unique 10w high-pitched speaker and 25W mid-bass horn, together with the high-power amplifier, have been carefully tuned, and their performance on vocals is particularly excellent, and the sound quality is highly restored. The single knob design makes the operation simpler and is very suitable for use in the conference room scene.

Intelligent audio processing, clear tone, true to pure

Using the latest sound network voice processing technology, including digital audio processing, dynamic noise reduction processing, industry-leading 384ms echo cancellation, full-duplex voice calls, 360° omnidirectional sound pickup, etc. The single omnidirectional microphone pickup radius can reach 3m. Simultaneous two-way, natural and smooth talks, giving users a high-quality meeting experience.

Local amplification:

Support 6.5mm interface handheld microphone, smooth communication in conference, clear sound quality, no noise and no harshness, clearer voice communication


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