hameco HS-55

The HS-55 training adapter is a useful partner in training new call center operators. This practical device enables the trainer to listen in on the conversations between the operator and customer. If necessary, the trainer can also take over the call from the operator using the switch on the back of the device. Both the trainer’s and operator’s headset microphone can be muted using the buttons on top of the device. The training adapter is easy to install: the extension cables’ RJ9 jack for the operator and trainer (same types) should be inserted into the A and B sockets found at the front of the device. The training adapter should be connected to the telephone using the RJ-RJ cable in the HS-55’s box by connecting it to the socket found at the back.

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Accessory support

You can download the product related documents.

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HS-55 user manual Manual english 2019 Download View
HS-55 datasheet Datasheet english 2019 Download View